Dryer Vent Cleaning San Francisco

Why Should Dryer Vent be Cleaned?

If your dryer is taking more then one cycle to dry a normal load, 90% of the time it is because the exhaust system is dirty or clogged. Before you call out the appliance repair people, have your dryer vent cleaned! Help protect your family or business from fire or carbon monoxide! Dryer lint is extremely flammable.

It is very important and often forgotten, to have your dryer exhaust vent system cleaned!
  • There are over 16,000 fires associated with clothes dryers annually

  • Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning will reduce your risk of a potential dryer fire caused by lint buildup.

  • Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning can lower your energy cost!

  • Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning can extend the life of your dryer.

  • Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning allows your dryer to run more efficiently.

What do we do?

We specialize in dryer exhaust vent cleaning services. We use the safest and most effective equipment which is specifically designed for dryer vent cleaning the proper tools to get the job done right.

How we will clean your dryer vent:

  • All dryer vents are cleaned from the outside using a high pressure, compressed air tool.

  • We use dryer vent brush which is long handle into the vent and rotate it around to pull out accumulated lint. We repeat this process several times for no leftovers.

  • Check the dryer vent opening on the outside of your house and clear any blockages with our highly powered Master Vent Cleaning Pump.

  • We disconnect and pull the dryer out, install a large blower on the vent, and blow, brush, vacuum thatís it your dryer is now like never before.

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